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All about us

We offer a result beyond customer expectations!

Who we are

XPR-Man Group is a consulting firm focussing in commercial intermediation as well as in project and management of organizations. It also offers trainings in the field of its expertise.


Our vision :


Whatever are the size of the company, the portfolio, the location or the area of ​​activity, we dream of a world where each individual, each organization or each community will have access to the resources that can help to fulfil one's ambitions.



We are committed to offering personalized support to our clients in order to find the resources that meet their specific needs for the growth of their businesses.

Our target :

Contact the XPR-Man Group if you are:

⦁ an individual             ⦁ a company

⦁ a community            ⦁ a government

⦁ a non-profit organization

in North America, West Africa and Central Africa, or anywhere in the world.  

Our values / Our strategies: 

⦁    Client centered services
At Groupe XPR-Man, the customer is a priority partner. In a mutual consideration, we involve him in our approach from the beginning to the end because the need is his. What is ours is the satisfaction of seeing him satisfied!

⦁    Excellence
To better serve our clients, our consultants continually update their knowledge in the field of their expertise. Continuing education is our concern to serve you better.

⦁    Innovation  

To new problems, we suggest new interventions! This is our principle.

⦁    Effectiveness

What is the point of committing resources if a result can not be achieved? At XPR-Man Group, we offer you more than the required deliverables: a result beyond your expectations!


Our fields of expertise:

  • Business and project management

  • Business intermediation

  • Training and conferences in Canada

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