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Our training engineering consultants offer you modules:

  • tailor-made at your request or after our diagnosis

  • on our offer to a wider clientele on various topics of current interest able to propel your businesses.

These trainings cover the fields of :

  • Business and Projects management

  • health

  • computer science

  • communication


Examples of training topics:

  • Starting a business

  • Finance research

  • Writing effective proposals

  • Change management

  • Preparing for retirement

All the subjects have a link with our fields of expertise which are:

- training (seminars or international conferences in Canada)

- International students

- Economic intermediation

- Business and project management

Giving a Presentation







1. Training on writing effective projects;(spread over 12 hours): 40,000 F CFA per person or $80.00.

Are your projects never selected by donors? Are you only getting “small” funding? Do you want to improve your skills in project writing? This training is for you! With years of solid experience, our professionals in writing and/or analyzing projects with donors will guide you in the development of logical, coherent and financeable projects.


2. Coaching on project writing (spread over 10 hours). 35,000 FCFA per person or $70.00

It is practical support adapted to the needs and expectations of each person based on their real project. 

3. Review of projects: 20,000 FCFA per project or $40.00

Do you want to review your financing request by a professional? Benefit from the expertise of our professionals who work in collaboration with financial partners.



1. Directory of donors (6 complete addresses). 40,000 FCFA or $80.00

Backers number in the thousands. We select for you those able to finance your project. The addresses vary depending of course on the sector of intervention. We assure you the means but not the results, the financing decision falling to the lessor himself according to his selection criteria.

2. Training in fundraising:  20,000 FCFA per person or $40.00

How to develop a financing strategy? What technique should I use to raise the funds needed for a project? This training mainly answers these questions and many other useful elements in your search for financing process.

3. In-depth look at financing search tools: 20,000 FCFA per person or $40.00. 

This training familiarizes you with the practice of designing financing search tools and strategic monitoring of financing offers. 


                                                                       INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS

If you want to study in Canada, we:                                                                                                    

- register at university
- help fill out immigration forms

(the decision to grant a visa rests with the immigration service)
- will welcome you upon arrival at the airport
- will find temporary or permanent accommodation

  Contact us.

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